I can't find any spin down settings.
I need to check with their support... but the site says that after 15 minutes of inactivity they automatically go into standby mode/spin down. But the site also lists this as a software feature.


Also, at the bottom of page:

Power and Cooling
External Power Supply: AC Input - 100-240VAC~2.5A, 50-60Hz; DC Output - 12-17VDC 6.6A & 80W Max
Power Consumption - Idle System (standby, drives off): 12 watts
Power Consumption - Typical Busy System (four drives): 40 watts
Single, fixed cooling fan


Additional Software Features
Drive Spin Down
Drobo Copy


Also, if you click on Buy Now.. you will see they still want $400.00 so B&Hs $239.00 shipped ain't bad.