Oh goody, more news. I hadn't seen anything too scary in a while (I still check the nuke news about once every 3 days if something doesn't pop up into the headlines on it's own).

An international study has concluded that the release of radiation is twice what the J gov't estimated. The discrepancy probably lies in the fact that the J gov't only used monitor stations in Japan. 20 percent of the fallout was released over Japan, while the rest was dispersed over the ocean. 20 percent is still a hell of a lot for a country the size of Montana. One of 3 news sites that reported this said that puts emissions now at half of Chernobyl, but I haven't seen that statement anywhere else. The study also concluded that the spent fuel rods, I assume from the pool next to no 4 reactor, (stuff that should have been out of the picture dammit!) played a significant part in emissions, something the Japanese gov't has denied.

Also, and I saw this one coming: Owners of cars out of some of worst hit areas have been found to be re-registering the cars and selling them. One car was found to have as high as 110 microsieverts per hour, this is a huge number. Used Japanese cars often go to other parts of Asia to be sold, but they are being checked routinely now for radiation, so these owners sell them domestically instead.

If anybody wants me linking this stuff, I will, but I am not sure enough people are reading it to bother.

Okay, I've vented my radioactive cloud now, feel a little better..
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