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Has anyone converted to it from MobileMe? When you sign in for the first time. it wants you to convert your MobileMe account. I was just wondering if, by doing that, it deletes the MobileMe account, or do they both coexist for now.

I Just 'moved' my Mobile.me account to iCloud on my MacBook(which has been upgraded to OSX 10.7.2. When I tried to connect with another computer (OSX 10.6.8) to my old Mobile.me account, I received the message that my (old) Mobile.me account had been upgraded to iCloud.
I can still connect. Apparently they both exist.

Once you convert, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar move to iCloud and are no longer available via MobileMe. iDisk, Gallery, and iWeb remain at MobileMe.

Syncing with iCloud is instantaneous: I changed the email address of one of my contacts in my desktop Address Book and it was reflected immediately at iCloud.