GAWD many investors are so stupid !

FYI for all - The 4S is a great product AND Apple won't have to retool (this late in the season) and lose holiday sales!!**
IF they made a new redesigned iPhone 5, they'd have to completely retool and never get the product out in volume for Christmas sales !! DUH !!! mad Then investors would be pissed over that !! mad

** It took Apple 1 FULL year to catch up with iPhone 4 sales... they just caught up and didn't want a repeat !

I think they were actually smart. Sure I'd loved to have a 4G, but this is 2X faster than iPhone4 in downloads and that "3G vs. 4G" is flakey because it depends on your carrier, your location, carrier customer load, and several other factors - it's not like comparing hardware speeds - many variables come into play.

David (OFI)