We've had the discussion of hit or miss with USB hubs so I thought I'd share this.

This one seems stable enough. Hands out 500mw power per port, sort of. 7 port, 2A supply, so the numbers are fuzzy but it works well.

Plugged it into a MBP and I had 3 flash drives, a card reader, two external powered HD drives, and one bus powered HD plugged in, they all mounted. So I put it to the test, I started a copy from two of the flash drives (using more power than when idle) and one powered external to the bus powered HD, it went okay, but when I tried to copy at the same time from the second powered external to the bus powered drive, the bus powered HD gave its beep beep I'm under-powered message.

So all in all for the price and size, it's a good deal. I would say having that many things going on at once is not a norm for most people. I didn't try a printer but they are no more taxing than an external powered HD.

If I plugged an iPod in and tried to charge it I had to unplug the three flash drives to get enough power, but iPods/iPhones don't play well with hubs in general, they pull a good amount of power to charge.

If needed you could daisy chain them to get more power.