Right Giz

he just approved the stuff

Well yes he did but he did have the eye for the small details - not to mention he did CRACK the WHIP, to get products out the door on time.

Unlike MS.
Which took what like 5 years for a total bomb call Vista , than took a numbers of years for a Vista Fix called , Win 7 laugh not to mention other bombs called Zune and Kin. Plus what ever happened to these MS Stores ? ? I mean when an Apple store opens its on the TV news and plastered across the internet - MS stores I think I seen an internet 1st open video but that was it ? Only one , must be top secret only PCers knows ?? when and where.

Yes I agree - but can Cook crack the whip ? ? on the other VP's to get the products out on time. Or is the next software and products updates going to be 5 years away ? ?

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