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I don't wish to derail the thread... but I gotta ask.. why do you say that USB hubs are evil?
They are so hit and miss, I have run across this a lot in my tech calls. What works on one machine may not work on another machine, or even the same kind of machine in a different location, configuration, or with different types of USB devices.

They seem to work more reliably with simple things like mice, keyboards or flash drives, but hard drives and other I/O devices that need more power and more constant data flow, like microphones, cameras, or iPods are the worse. Printers seem to do better for some reason. Usually powered hubs are more reliable, but I have seen many problems with those too, non-powered are the the worst. I have a DVR connected to my non-powered hub that when recording stutters, gets out of sync, or simply stops recording because it momentarily loses its connection due to lack of power probably.

Firewire hubs are the same but not quite as bad since FW can carry more power.