I'm wondering of everyone has that problem.

I'm not talking about calendar, contacts and bookmarks,,, that seems to work pretty seamlessly for me (and from all the b!tching I hear about the service, I've been lead to believe that I am in the minority).

My issue appears to be iDisk syncing. The weird thing is that I hardly use my iDisk at all! I used to use it to host pictures to link on this forum (hasn't worked too well in a long time-- but that's another topic), but I haven't uploaded anything to it in a long time.

And that's the rub, really: if there have not been any changes to my iDisk, then why does it take 10 minutes to perform this "sync"? And why should it need to employ so much of my computer's resources? Not only does it slow everything down on my machine, it saps the battery life on my MBP to such an extent that if I'm unlucky enough for one of those automatic syncs to occur when I'm on battery power, I can expect to get only a half an hour's use out of it! It's ridiculous.

I hope iCloud is better.