Let's see. Though it never made the news, reactor 3 shot up in temperature again as I said, but in the last 3 days or so they seem to have found a new route to cool the core. If you can still call it a core. You may have heard that the 3 meltdowns are now meltthroughs and have been for most of this fiasco. They are molten slags that have melted down out of their containment vessls and are sitting in the bottom of the reactors. In terms of what can actually go on inside a reactor short of an uncontrolled chain reaction, this is the worst thing that can happen and it happened times 3.

Radiation levels have stopped dropping off for several days now in Tokyo and have plateued at around .0600, about 50 percent higher than they were. I would assume this is because the radioactive iodine is quickly dissipating (8 day half life) and the majority of the remaining levels comes from cesium (30 year half life, stays in body for a few weeks). Again these are supposed to be safe levels and the majority of cancers around Chernobyl were thryoid cancers from iodine. Hopefully we are through the worst.

I have read some scary commentary from a US expert (saying nothing debunkable as far as I have researched) that says if the spent fuel rods storage pool next to reactor 4 is further damaged by a 7-ish earthquake that there is but one choice: get out of Japan and quickly, do not pass go do not collect 200 yen.
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