So things are far from over. They finally found a route to get water to the core in number 3 and things stabilized for for 3 weeks or so. I still read the two daily reports from TEPCO every day, and the numbers have started rising again, by about 10 degrees a day. I hope they don't eventually run out of routes to the core. These things need constant cooling or the decaying process starts heating them right back up again. If the cores heat up past a certain point there will be more hydrogen explosions. Even "spent rods" need cooling for years.

And as I am sure you have some idea of, the leaks continue. The basements below the reactors are almost completely full, projected to fill up in about 2 days, and TEPCO is out of places to pump excess. The rainy season has started, which will greatly exacerbate this.

A facility to decontaminate leaking water is nearing completion, should be finished by June 15th, but noone knows how many times the water will have to be decontaminated before it is relatively "safe" and noone knows how well the facility will stand up to all the salt, sand, and oil etc. that will be in the water, because there has never been a facility that has had to do this.

Radiation levels in the air continue to drop slowly but surely. I have noticed they are dropping more slowly as if we are reaching some kind of equilibrium. They are still around 50-60% higher than low averages before the accident.

Food is being monitored (one has to wonder how diligently). What we are eating should be safe. We continue to take extra precautions.

The opposition party and many in the ruling party are trying to get rid of the PM, cuz everything's his fault. Every Japanese knows that noone to replace him is going to do any better, but they still let them bicker on, when they need to be focused on getting this country safely back on it's feet. Ergghh!

Okay, back to Drug Testing in Florida. (:
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