She was biting...struggling...he was screaming and grappling for the phone.. wtf has happened to Pogue????
Oh.. he was married...

.....argument allegedly began between the two, and Jennifer Pogue pulled out her iPhone to record the proceedings. David Pogue allegedly began struggling with Jennifer Pogue for the device and, when he wouldn't let go, David Pogue says that Jennifer Pogue bit him on the arm.
According to Jennifer Pogue, David Pogue followed her into one of the family's bedrooms and jumped on top of her and hit her on the head with the iPhone......,2817,2385718,00.asp

And dating this girl creates conflicts of interest...

/read the tongue in cheek replies to the column...funny....

Dave... what hath become of you??

"Nobody scrutinized Obama when he was running"
- Ben Carson smile smile smile smile smile smile