Since you need for me to explain my actions here, when I get a chance maybe I'll explain more with a timeline, but in a nutshell, km hadn't posted in the Lounge in two months, then he appeared there and was talking down our military, as usual, and continued with it on a weekend where we were celebrating them.

Last week in one thread NG4 started, where we were talking about our Navy Seals, km turned it political, I let that ride, I didn't move it. Then in the one about our favorite war movies he tried by mentioning Fahrenheit 9/11, no one took the bait. Then he started one about the UK's Seal type team, mimicking NG4's Seal team thread. His thread starter was just a pic of their SBS team, with OMG, and then it went political a few posts down by km's hand of course.

When he posted above about WWII, we had had that conversation here previously, he feels the only justifiable war we had was WWII.

So yeah, maybe with all the crap he had been pulling last weekend I was a bit sensitive. I felt he was baiting again and didn't have time to babysit another thread, BBQs and remembering our fallen servicemen and all.

Anyway, busy, got to run. Hope that explains some.