If that is the entire extent of km's post, aren't you being a little oversensitive? km is a citizen of the UK/Europe, and I would think the first thing that comes to most Europeans minds when they hear anything about Memorial Day would be the sacrifices the US made to come in and take Europe back, and that's what exactly what he said.

Regardless of his politics, why would the sacrifice of American soldiers in say Vietnam mean as much to him as WWII as a European? Couldn't km's post there be seen as a gesture by his contrarian self to show solidarity? If you had heard that exact comment from any number of other people, I think you would have likely let it go.

Maybe there is a history about km's view on "other" incursions, but couldn't you have gone with the spirit of his post as opposed to what he "implied". The key to moderating would be moderation I would think, but admittedly I have never been a forum moderator so whatever. Anyway, it's a political post now - have at it.
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