The news hasn't really improved out of Fukushima Daiichi. I was just afraid I was jinxing myself by posting too much doom and/or gloom. Anyway, reactor no 3 has continued to rise in temperature to around 220. During this time TEPCO was moving the water injection around trying to find a route that didn't leak or leaked less water to get to the core. In the last two days or so (according to PDF reports put out by TEPCO), it had seemed to "stablize" at 220, neither going up or down. The first report yesterday was again 220 (6 am). Then when I checked the 1pm report it had dropped to a dramatic 180. Seems a relief at first, but this kind of drop makes me worry the gauge has simply broken, which has happened a few times before already. Again little news about No. 3, though I have recently found online forums with ordinary people concerned about it. No. 3 would be the hardest to "repair" in any sense too, as it's outer building is the most damaged and it has by far the highest radioactive levels around it.

The news that is mostly printed in Eng and Jap is about no. 1. This is probably because it is the one of the 3 with the highest probability of being brought to cold shutdown the earliest. The latest news about no. 1 is that now that they have more accurate numbers, it is clear that the rods were not submerged in water, but rather above the water, for the vast majority of the time this crisis has been going on. The only thing cooling them is the water that is sprayed from above it. Most likely, the core has already started to sink to the bottom (which is the beginning of a full meltdown) but is unlikely to progress to more explosions.

Still wonder why suddenly the most optimistic news about the reactors is the stuff making the headlines.
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