Yes, Osama has passed, but here in Japan the excitement isn't over yet. Everyone was focusing on reactor 1, which they were having problems stabilizing. So just after a few days of good news about No. 1 (robots going in, workers going in, temps dropping), No. 3 has started to look scary again. Over the last 2.5 days or so, the temps have suddenly started going up again in no. 3 seemingly out of nowhere. They increased the amount of water being pumped in, but the temperature still continues to rise. The only thing they can think of is that water is leaking out from somewhere new before it even reaches the core. No. 3 is the only one that contains MOX fuel and therefore plutonium, which is among the scariest things that can come out of a reactor.

I noticed this steady rising myself because I read all the numbers put out by TEPCO daily, and it took about a day before the news started talking about it. I have yet to find a reference in English news about new No. 3 worries, but the number of such news bits in Japanese is increasing hourly.

This is just when we figured it was safe enough to stop having water delivered etc. (all steps above what the gov't recommends). Just made another water order in case things get worse (which of course of course they won't won't won't).

What's that about bin laden again? All that just can't keep my attention for long these days.
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