No sh!t. I am continually thinking the same thing Carp. It goes beyond that, there are spent fuel pools at the plant (and at every plant in the world, almost always in great excess of how much they were designed to hold) that have to be cooled down even more for years. That is just how hot these babies get. This is one of the major concerns of experts is how this massive amount of spent but still hot rods will weather all of this.

I must say, the media was pissing me off, but ever since the 7 rating, most every article I have read has been very diplomatic about why it is now a 7. More was released in the first few days than previously thought. Ironicicically, this means that all those foreigners who escaped b/c they weren't sure Tokyo was safe still got a few good whiffs of that stuff before they managed to get the hell of out of Dodge.
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