I was sure I would hear something hear about Fukushima Daiichi being raised to a 7. It is sobering, but it is more of an admission of how much radiation had been released, and I am confident Japan is taking steps to protect people from irradiation more than Chernobyl ever was. I was surprised when Japan first set the crisis at a 5, when it was an obvious six. So, I guess they decided to go all out this time and go straight to 7. Anyway, even at this point, after a month, it is just 10 percent of what Chernobyl released in it's explosion. But still a long row to hoe.

In some ways we are entering new territory, as Chernobyl was one big release, and Fukushima Daiichi (it is hard for me just to call it Fukushima, the name of the prefecture I lived in for six years) is releasing smaller amounts over an extended period of time. The govt is just starting to grapple with this, and is acknowledging that winds (mostly northwesterly) are affecting nearby areas outside the 30 km radius.
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