hi all. So I got these 2 clear G4 era apple pro keyboards and I was taking them apart and cleaning them so I can put one in with my g3 when I sell it on eBay. It had lots of crumbs. It was bad. now however it is turning into a keyboard mod progect. I have the keyboard all apart and Ive noticed that there is this grey paint stuff on the top of the keyboard membrane. I am attempting to remove it so when the keyboard is reassembled you can see the patterns in the membrane through the keyboard. I always thought they looked cool. I have a few keyboard membranes taped to my window right now. anyways I tried soaking it in isopropyl alcohol but that didn't help much. Right now I am attempting to scratch it all off with the dull side of a butter knife which works better than you would imagine actually. kinda like a realy big game of scratchers lotto, but its takeing forever anyone have any sugestions of other things i could try?