The screen on this thing is brilliant. As I stated before, I waited a long time for this device-- which is tough for me, a typical early adopter. When it finally came out I was very disappointed to learn that it didn't have the retina display found in the iPhone 4. To be honest, it was almost a deal breaker. But having it now, and seeing it as far more brilliant than my three year old 15 inch MBP with matte screen I don't pine for the retina display at all. Reading the Times this morning I had as an enjoyable experience with a technological device as I have ever had-- and I'm not bothering with the dedicated Times app either-- it looks superb right on Safari.

It's fast. Wicked fast. It seems to render web pages faster than Safari on my Mac. Could that really be possible, I wonder?

A lot of the apps designed for the iPhone don't look too good scaled up to the iPads screen size, but in time I suppose the updates will role in (come on Facebook, get on it!). Those that have been accordingly adjusted look fabulous.
The extra real-estate had breathed new life into apps that weren't so useable on the phone. I have a tv guide app that is now an absolute pleasure to use (What's On). Others were similarly improved by the larger size.

The keyboard is actually a lot easier to use than I expected. I like the auto correct feature and find myself wishing Safari on my Mac had it. Of course, there are times when it makes annoying mistakes, but generally speaking the good outweighs the bad. I find the only way to comfortably and accurately type on it is to sit with the thing on my lap. I don't see any other position working for me at all.

As other impressions hit me, I'll report them in!