Took the nightbus to Osaka with the boy. We found a cheap good guest house we are staying at. 25 bucks a night for he and I with free internet. Very good deal by Japan standards. We are not that worried anymore, but either way the kid always said he wanted to go on a backpacking trip with me anyway. He has now discovered he doesn't like them as much as he had imagined. I can go to a "cultural site" in Kyoto etc. and be happy there for hours. He would rather wander the streets of Osaka looking at shops. I mention you can shop anywhere and that the inside of a big electronics store is identical to one in Tokyo, but he won't listen. Wife has a good part time job and wants to keep on working in Tokyo.

It is also a numbers game with the radiation, Lea. I knew it even near the beginning, but now it is becoming clear that this will go on for months, with marginally higher radiation levels in Tokyo, occasionally upticks when things go awry, which I am sure they will continue to do. We have procured a safe water source just in case and don't drink milk (which we never really did anyway.) Have to watch other dairy products. The bad stuff is supposed to be off the market, but who knows how much could build up in a cow even futher away who is eating open grass everyday.

Well Lea, the govt made the water announcement when levels went to 210, twice the number they should be for infant safety. Then they went back down to 79 two days later. They think the rain washed everything into the reservoirs. But I haven't seen any govt announcements about the level since the numbers went down. You'd think they'd tell us just to keep us calm.. I think ther are govt websites where you can find the numbers. They can't scare people too much, because it would of course cause a panic. I honestly think TEPCO the co. that runs the plants is the one who is/was being less forthcoming. But I have done my own research as well, and have decided we are relatively safe but that there is nothing wrong with taking extra precautions about water etc.

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