Do you feel like the government there has been completely forthcoming? No one here is calling that question one way or the other, but just now I saw a report ~ Earlier this week mothers were warned not to give their infants tap water, but now, today, they've been told it's safe. The moms are skeptical, I would be, too.

Very, very sad reports of mass burials. I understand that cremation is part of the religion and culture, so this must be very painful for folks who've already lost everything. But one of the reports summed it up, and it's chilling ~ They said at this point, it's become a numbers game.

Incredible footage of a major highway that had been ripped in two, repaired in three days and to see it, you would never know it had been damaged. That would and never will happen here. Beyond impressive.

We get news, but yes, it's drifted down the page. But you are all still in my prayers, daily. Very Really, lan. And thank you again, for checking in. You give us a view of this we'd otherwise never have.


Edit: That posting is an odd but effective form of therapy ~ I totally get. We look forward to the time when it's just back to you posting for the sake of posting. smile

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