Sorry to be worrying you all. It just occurred to me to check here. I am on the edge of my seat about all of this. The English news appears to be staying well behind the Japanese (understandably). You all know a lot, it would seem. The big issue right now is Fukushima plant 1's no. 2 reactor. It has been being cooled with seawater for the last 3 days (like 1 and 3 I believe) but last I knew, before I went to bed at 1:40 am, the valve that was allowing pressure to dissapate so they could continue to pump more water in. When I woke up this morning it seems the situation is unchanged. Radiation levels seem manageable, but the rods inside must be melting down without water to cool it. I read on report that they were managing to pump water in again, but haven't seen that again since.

This is by what I have learned in the last 3 days is the worst situation yet in the last 3 days of this crisis. The English news I have read makes it sound more manageable, which is ironic b/c the English news up until now was more dire up until this point.

Believe me, I am known among friends and family as chief worrier, but I am very worried. Yes, there is nothing I can do, but that doesn't make me feel any better. Actually, before I became an on and off denizen here, I used to live in Fukushima, for six years.
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