Sorry, I don't do impressions, but I'll tell you what I think of it. laugh

Size - Very nice and light.

Screen - very sharp! Much easier for me to read it than my iPhone..but that's to be expected. I haven't seen or experienced any Some Reports of Backlight Bleeding on iPad 2. Perhaps I got a good screen manufacturer?

Camera - Just took 2 pictures, both indoors with 2 overhead recessed lights with 45W bulbs in each. You tell me...but I don't particularly care for the quality.

Front camera:
Click for large view

back camera:
Click for large view

Speed - I can't compare to the original iPad, but dang, it's fast! Faster than my 3Gs iPhone.

Mail app - I really like how it handles the mail. Much more easier and better than the iPhone one, probably due to the size of the screen to allow more options?

Safari app - Again, I like how this handles multiple windows over the iPhone version, and I'm sure it's due to the screen size.

iBooks - Of course I figured I would like this. MUCH better than the Kindle!! I was so tired of clicking on the navigation buttons just to turn a page. And what's cool is that my Kindle books synced up with the iPad Kindle app and it acts just like iBooks for the most part! So with the iPad, you get the best of both worlds - Apple & Amazon books!

Pages - Pretty neat, haven't really played around with it much.

We bought one game RealRacingHD, and's very cool. smile We'll try more later once we figure out which ones are good.

Nightstand app - got this based on Leicaman's suggestion and I like it. But since I didn't get the dock (again, based on Leicaman's suggestion), not sure how many times we'll use this.

Planets app - wow..MUCH better on the iPad! And we got it just in of Dusty's Science project is a paper on Saturn. smile

CNN app - I like this one! Very well done.

What I would like to do is find a good news source that gives local news too so that we can drop our local paper. Also, the comics...gotta read my daily comics! Any ideas?

Thinking of getting Garageband & iMovie. I don't do keynote things right now, so no need for that.

iPhone apps on the iPad - (Facebook, etc) - why don't they make these for the iPad? Blowing them up 2x is a bit on the ugly side.

Periphials - all I got was the hdmi connector just in case. I also picked up the gray Smart Cover. It's pretty cool.

We have the original AppleTV, so I can't do airplay and I don't have a compatible airprint printer. How can I set that up? I thought I saw a thread on it, but can't seem to find it.