I have the 3G model. I don't use 3G around the house but I do use it sometimes when I'm out walking in our woods. We have a small tree farm. We use it when out and about in the car. I originally included the 3G option primarily for traveling and we use it frequently for that purpose. My wife has an iphone4 so we are currently exploring the hot spot option. All of our uses are tied together so that we don't have to maintain a monthly billing. Would I buy the 3G again? I think so unless the hot spot system proves to be affordable and more useful, that is, available when it's needed at a reasonable cost. What I don't like is having two separate blocks of data, one for the iphone and one for the ipad. If I can get one block that is larger than the sum of the current two for about the same cost and the connection speed is adequate, I will probably go to the hot spot route. The possibility of being independent of the iphone is significant to me. Even if I don't use 3G much, it is still valuable to me to have the option. Oops just noticed you've already taken the plunge. You're going to love it.