Kate, I reckon it's great to have you around - don't worry about how often you may appear in the forums! As for my background, if anyone's interested, I have had a fair bit of experience in both the Mac and Wintel worlds (quite comfortable ripping either a resource fork or a Windows registry apart!) and would be more than happy to give any input around here (if it's ever actually useful, that is - I love helping people but I don't want to be wasting people's time) where I can. Although I live in the same state as TreeBeard, so I'm pretty sure he'd beat me to it! (we haven't met before but from his posts he sounds pretty good)<br><br>And as for a name for a "members room"... hmm... maybe I'm too much of a geek to come up with anything creative?! ;-) Actually, IRL there's a great hangout cafe near me called "Goldberg's" - nice name maybe? Besides, "Central Perk" is already taken... hehehe<br><br>