… not only for all the Arab world, specially for Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen. Jordan, Libya, Algeria, and even Morocco, but for non-Arab, non-Sunni Iran, too.

Once again Mr. Avnery shows us part his broad vision for peace and justice in the Middle East the likes of which —as far as i have read—, only he has been able to mould (mold) and then put into words.

It would certainly be beautiful if, in Israel, the Israeli people were lifted by a similar spirit of democracy and justice as the one that seemingly travels these days through the Arab world in search of renewal and in defiance of the old regimes and the old interrelations.

I can dream, right? After all, the Arabs are doing it and it's (hopefully) changing the world for the better.

So here it is, another one of my promoted articles…

February 19, 2011
The Genie is out of the Bottle
By Uri Avnery


WHEN OUR Zionist fathers decided to set up a safe haven in Palestine, they had the choice between two options:

They could appear in West Asia as European conquerors, who see themselves as a bridgehead of the “white” man and as masters of the “natives”, like the Spanish conquistadores and the Anglo-Saxon colonialists in America. That is what the crusaders did in their time.

The second way was to see themselves as an Asian people returning to their homeland, the heirs to the political and cultural traditions of the Semitic world, ready to take part, with the other peoples of the region, in the war of liberation from European exploitation.