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As far as I can tell, 1Password 3.5.4 is the latest version. When I check the extension, Firefox says that version is not compatable with FF 3.6.13 which I've been suing for some time.On the toolbar there is a big X where the 1 Password icon should be. I tried re-installing an earlier version of 1P, which I was using before, but that didn't help. The 1P support is non-existent, which surprises me. Do I want to trust my apsswords to a company that doesn't even offer reliable support? Do you know of any software comparable with 1P?


Read on down towards middle and bottom of page. I have both versions of 1P and Firefox that you have and mine work together. Good luck.

Oh, and if you do not succeed in fixing yours, at the bottom of the page is a "let us know" link. They have good support! smile

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