And my question would be where did that salesperson/manager get their psychology degree, what are their qualifications to judge someones sanity?

Hence why I said above when the courts get involved.
Like I mentioned that the woman was ordered by the courts, to attend anger management classes <-- I said that for like 8 times already ? ? laugh

An old friend of mine got his speeding ticket thrown out of court because the officer had added a comment to the ticket "the driver was driving at an insane speed". The officer was asked what qualifications he had to judge the sanity of my friend, and as it turned out he didn't have any. The judge dismissed the ticket, and warned my friend not to appear before him ever again on related charges.

Well if the cop said your friend was driving at 90 mph and could prove it - your friend would have a ticket to deal with.

I cannot believe a cop would not have any proof and then stand there in front of a judge and say - ahhhhhh duuuude he was driving insaneling fast, hey dude judge, ya know what I mean like he was going like insanely fast. <-- Gheees