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OK. to clearify, at this point I'm talking about my MacBook, the other one is done and sent back to it's new owner.
Gotcha, I think. wink
So... I've got 4gb in here that I put in when I bought it. Are you saying that I can get two three GB sticks in here? When I look on Crucial and RamSeeker, the largest I see is 4gb (2x2).
There are no 3G sticks, you'll have to try 2x4G and see if it works. Like I said 2x2G used to work in the iMacs that could only see 3G, you just lost the extra gig. That's why I mentioned to make sure they have a good return policy. Like I mentioned above NewEgg has them. OWC too. Walmart and Buy appear to also, but they show two modules, I'd check before buying that it is a single 4G and not 2x2G if you go there.

You could go with a 4G and 2G stick but I don't know if it would interleave (a supposed 10-20% increase in RAM access) as they are two different size chips. Interleaving needs the same sized chips.

If you follow the Apple bread crumb trail at Crucial you won't find 4g 5300, you have to do a manual search. I couldn't even find them now thpugh, saw one the other day. Might call them if you want to go there.

From what I've seen Patriot and Centon make them, OWC just puts their own sticker on.

If you want to look around more, all specs are PC2-5300 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM 667Mhz 1.8v non ECC (instead of non-ECC it may be called unbuffered, unregistered, or non-parity.)

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Edit - Also remember 4G 6400 800Mhz sodimms are easier to find and will fit but from what I have read they don't work in the Intel machines unless one of the chips is a 5300 to back the bus speed down. It used to be that for example you could use PC133 in a PC100 system and they would work, it would automagically back the speed down to PC100, but the MacBook/Intels appear to be more picky.