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It's not confusing. I have more than one MacBook here. That's why after you answered my question, I said,

While I"m at it, my MacBook is a early 2008 one...
Okay, your other MacBook. I see now. smile

Still the same, same PC2-5300 667Mhz 200 pin sodimm RAM, and the 2008 can do 6G. Optimally you want two chips of the same size to support interleaving, it gives a 10-20% speed increase supposedly. If you install 8G it will only see 6, at least that's the way the iMacs that could only see 3 worked, 2x4G but they would only see 3.

I'd try two 4G chips first as long as you get them from someone that will let you send them back if it doesn't work, in other words not boot with 2x4G.

BTW, 4G 6400 sodimms are easier to find but from what I have read even though they fit they don't work in the Intel machines unless one of the chips is a 5300 to back the bus speed down.