Original server file has been lost on dead computer. Updating to 5.3.2 Now Software by the book, then using File/Import Calendar File... I selecting the client file and all seems to work OK, but the Resources tab does not import the customized Categories. When I add them manually precisely as they were and relaunch NUTD, my custom list of categories shows up in the Sets with the new server name, but they will not bring back events that were previously saved to those categories. When I create a custom set for viewing with all of the categories selected, my calendar is still blank. If I allow it to keep the old server in the Server Connections, I can see the previous events, but they don't update and I am blocked from entering new ones because NUTD is still looking to the old server for those events, and the old server is dead. If I remove the old server from the Server Connections list, all of my events disappear and the calendar goes blank, regardless of that the Categories have been replicated in the new server list. Any suggestions?

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