OK... success!!! Thank you... a little reading and some experimenting and voila!

Wondering one final thing... do you know if it is possible to put a line break inserted between each cell field, within the conactenate function command?
Basically, my job is done if I can get the conactenated cell information to assemble vertically within the destination cell like a proper address block.
Otherwise put and with a visual aid:

A-1 is the destination cell. A-1 contains:

A-2 (COMPANY NAME)(line break)
B-2 (CONTACT)(line break)
C-2 (ADDRESS LINE 1)(line break)
D-2 (ADDRESS LINE 2)(line break)
E-2 (CITY)(line break)
F-2 (STATE)(line break)
G-2 (ZIP CODE)(line break)

(hyphens added just to separate the numbers and letters, I don't ref them that way in the prog.)