I thought I'd get off of the Soapbox for awhile. I just had a great experience with support from Apple. I'll try to keep this short. A while back I took my 42 month old MBP to the local Apple store and asked the young man behind the Genius Bar to troubleshoot it for me. The MBP had begun to lock up, crash, etc. He ran some diagnostics and told me my HDD was about to give out. My MBP had a 5400 RPM HDD that he indicated was running around 3000 RPM.
I immediately cloned my HDD to a portable HDD just to be safe.
I then took it to another Apple authorized service shop and told them the same story about the difficulties I was having. I agreed to pay them $130 to troubleshoot it for me. It turned out to be some problem with the logic board. They could find no indication of any problem with my HDD. What blew me away was that Apple agreed to pick up the full cost of the parts and labor to replace the logic board. My MBP was 6 months out of warranty! I decided to upgrade the HDD anyway since the machine would be dis-assembled anyway to replace the logic board. All I paid for was the cost of the new HDD.
So I now have a practically brand new MBP courtesy of Apple Inc. Thank you Apple!