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Do you know what the old scheme vs. the new one is for MobileMe? I may be able to do a global search and replace in the db to fix these.
I don't think that will be possible. They changed it from being able to use http://homepage.mac.com/user-name/.Pictures/your-image to http://homepage.mac.com/user-name/Sites/folder-name-of-yourchoice/your-image or http://idisk.mac.com/user-name/Public/your-image

So you can't use your iDisk/Pictures folder anymore, you must either use your iDisk/Public folder, or make a folder in your iDisk/Sites folder, then move your images to either Public or the folder you made, and link from it. There is no one set url anymore, it all depends on what you name the folder or where you put the images.

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