So anyone that posts a conservative opinion...

You've posted 9 times in this thread and have made zero conservative opinions. Zilch.

If any topic is ever touched upon by the aforementioned conservative commentator...

The topic was the poll on misinformed voters. Your comment was that it was a result of influence of the Tides Foundation. Tides (along with Ben & Jerry Foundation) is the centerpiece of every Beck chalkboard conspiracy chart. Beck says regularly that he's the only one in the media telling people for years about Tides.

I didn't post my reply to your first post about any conservative political opinion, I posted it about the Beck influence in your Tides Foundation conspiracy opinion.

Since when did this thread become about me?

In all your posts you've now had about 7 questions about yourself being prejudged and how the steel-traps in this forum won't allow your conservative POV.

You haven't posted your conservative POV. You've called yourself a conservative, and you've said many times how the liberal slant of this forum is somehow poised against you. I fail to see a single instance in this thread where your "conservative POV" is being challenged.

The only POV that I challenge is your first post and it's conspiratorial reference. I told you where I know that conspiratorial reference originates. I later called it flamebait as you never bothered to explain why it was important enough to bring up. You only replied repeatedly how poorly you're being treated. Buck up.