I am getting a new iMac in a Windows world.

The main server is an XP server and the office is all Windows only printers, etc. with everything geared towards Windows XP.

Luckily, I will only need to access one database program that I can upgrade to a Windows 7 version. I was going to use Parallels since I already have it and am used to it. The Sharp MX-2700 printer will print from my Mac but only in BW and I figured I would just print on the Windows side if needed for color. The other item I will need to do is access the XP server so I can back-up my files.

So I can access the server, can I still get the cheaper Home version or should I get the Pro version.

Also, since I have to get the full version, it is safe and worth it to get either V. 7 or Vista or should I find XP. I have XP on my home Mac and it works for what I need at home.

I hate Windows and been using my PowerBook until my iMac is ordered and arrives. I am going to order a refurb 27" is it is available.