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Stop with that business about I'm left of you. It's about as aggravating as T. is right of 6 is centered over S. is behind and C. is nowhere.

I'm as sick of being defined by other peoples perceptions of my politics as probably the majority of the peeps who stopped posting here. And just as sick as I am of hearing the "they're losers, so they just went slinkin' away into the night" crap. Earth to LeBox? Dems are now officially losers. Political fortune and misfortune is an equal opportunity nailer.

And I not only don't remember mojo making a less than graceful exit ~ I don't believe it happened. To paraphrase? Link or it never happened.

Since you replied to me, I don't see any comment I ever made about mojo's leaving. I don't see any comment I made about "slinkin' away into the night" crap. I made my comments regarding you specifically on the tax cut debate, the healthcare debate, the war policy. If I'm to respond to the comment that I'm the most closed-minded left leaning liberal on the board I was making the point to that.

This thread is a total clusterf*ck. (That's Stewart-speak. You can assume accurately that I am a fan of John Stewart when I post that term in a reply).