Part of the problem *is* that there is an unbalance here right now, so a view from the Right is probably going to meet with a disproportionate number of replies from the Left. Is that hounding or unwelcoming? Kind of depends on your expectations I guess.
And the "unbalance" is self-perpetuating. If you posted a liberal POV in a mostly conservative forum, and you were immediately indicted as an MSNBC/Olbermann/Maddow follower, and effectively had your views dismissed on that basis, I dare-say you'd feel a wee bit unwelcome. And I didn't use the term "hounded", BTW.

I think this forum tilts too far to the left to allow a more balanced discussion. It's that simple. It doesn't necessarily apply to everyone, but it sets what I believe is an unmistakable tone. I have no doubt that's an unpopular position, but it's mine and I'm sticking with it.