The most liberal poster here I can think of Is Gary, and agree with him or not, he usually posts cogent replies or opinions (charts included!)

Really? I recall Lea, Steve, DLC, Michael all being to left of my opinion of Obama's stand on the tax bill. Lea even posted her praise of Keith Olbermann's POV.

I recall the same positions on the health care bill. And the financial bill. And the Afghanistan policy. All of these forum members posted their POV that was left-leaning of my own. They all seemed to support Hillary or Edwards in the campaign who were certainly left of Obama's positions.I happen to agree with most policy positions and the approach taken by this administration. Even Reboot calls positions I support "same as the old boss." I am certainly not the most liberal posting member on this forum.

Lea and Steve can post about the blowhard rants of Olbermann or Ed Schultz or Lawrence O'Donnell. Yet I pointed out that TahoeTeal (who's last appearance here was to defend Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party ... and criticize the liberal opinions of forum members) did nothing more than throw out Beck conspiracy talking points on the all-mighty powers of The Left. He didn't deny it, or discuss what he had posted when it brought up as Beckspeak ... he said it was "childish name calling", our minds were "steel traps" and we needed to educate ourselves. More Beck talking points. And he played the poor victim with Steve's encouragement. If my steel trap doesn't believe Tides/Ben & Jerry/Soros/Apollo/Black Panthers/ Acorn, etc. is controlling the Liberal Agenda or policy of the Obama administration, then TahoeTeal is more than welcome to come discuss it all to the forum, but to drop that turd bomb into this thread and play the victim is just flame bait. (which in hindsight, I probably should have ignored).