Quite a few of you sure seem to let Fox and Beck, et al get under your skin!

I use no one source as gospel. You can bash Fox News all you want but that has nothing to do with how I form my opinions.

garyW....you continue with your closed minded diatribe, even though you have no earthly way of knowing me and how I inform myself on issues. To you 1+1=3 just because of your conditioned pre-judgments. You are wrong about me. Don't know how more simply to put it. I do my own research and come to my own conclusions, period. I did not say you needed to educate yourself. I said "I know some of you find it stunning that there are still people out here that actually take the time to educate themselves, rather than take another's opinion as gospel."
No nerves struck. I enjoy lively discussion. I have little patience for uninformed accusations.

Good Day!