She has a avoiding of people. Not a gathering of friends. An avoiding of people who do not care for her contributions in forums occasionallly. I don't want my name appearing so often and prominently to scare some of my avoidings people away. I'll contribute and certainly a lot of trivia, etc.<br><br>I make a point of helping and like to look up info for people when I have spare time, because I usually learn something in the process.<br><br>I am not pointing fingers on those who have engaged in silliness because I enjoy it tremendously but do not wish to offend those who think it should be all Mac here.<br><br>The position is still open for a resident PC user geek here too. I think the place needs one who likes to share and is friendly. More than one.<br><br>How about a room called the Cracker Barrel or Potbelly (as in stove) Room where members just let it all hang out! (Hit it! NYCdude!)<br><br>Good idea you have for a members room.<br><br>* * * * * * * * ** * * *<br>Kate<br>