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Oh stop it, oh Great One laugh
I'm glad you finally <-----Get it now.

Oh, BTW. That's strike two. Like I said, take what I said seriously about the forum structure comments. No more. The structure will not change until the people in charge feel it should, if at all. They have heard what has been suggested, over and over and over. Live with it or leave, but never mention it again. One last warning. People are tired of the arguing about it, it's becoming not fun to come here with all of the arguing is the messages I have received.

People are also tired of the pissing matches you insist on injecting into most every thread you post in. Stay on topic. If you have a rant that is not related to the original question start your own thread about it, that's why I moved your response to its own thread. It's not just a friendly suggestion either. I won't have you driving people away from threads any longer with your name calling, arcane comments, and whatever anger it is you need to vent.

Dave simply asked about how the Kindle performs as compared to other products, he wasn't looking for a social commentary or debate on how to raise a child.