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The price and the size are considerations for me. I love my iPad but the smaller size of the kindle is important for portability for a girl her age. The price also.

Now I have been looking, mainly, at the wifi model, but we live in a rural area so just might spring for the 3G version with free fees.



I just posted in another forum to you about this <-- laugh this is when having to many forums does present confusion.

Anyway in that other forum - I mention that I did not know the age of your grand daughter ?

I believe at age 12 they are already into to a peer group structure - keep in mind that my grand daughter is age 14, so I do have some experience laugh

1 - Find out what her friends are using? If Kindles get that one, if iPads get that one.

It is more important that their children feel that they fit in - NOT what their parents feels is the best tech, for reasons of their own.

Just My Opinion .