Probably. I know I'd heard that older chipsets would routinely drop the connection, and in practice that seems to bear out. My connections were all 802G routers, and hard rebooting was a pretty regular thing (along with lease renewals, usually after a new node would auto-grab one, on the private/internal side); but since 300Mbps N 100 percent uptime (well, stuff flakes out, too - weird stuff, too - Google DNS (in the routers) never has died, so that part of the connection is good, but from DNS resolution to the rest of the world, the network breaks - Go figure - Gotta be Google, the IP addy part of either the resolution or the actual TCP/IP pathway/the_web (no clue - is DNS t-boned, so traffic hoseage is an ISP network FUBAR?) gets honked up - The few times it's happened, though, it goes away after an inconvenient spell of time). No clue, though - Mystifying stuff. Hella lot more reliable and quicker than out-of-the-box/ISP/whatever DNS.

Oh, and there's some obsure/arcane DNS caching or something in Leopard that can (very rarely, hardly ever, only once in my experience) flake out and you don't know where it is or how to fix it. Pretty reliable, really, but I had one Leopard computer going yeoman-great for ages, but then one day couldn't hack DNS resolution and just churn and churn, nothing, showstopper. And it's not the CLI blow-away, either - That didn't work. Something else. Showstopper - Couldn't get past resolving, no matter what: Hard resets, changing DNS in the router, etc - Nothing worked. Blowing away Leopard and installing Snow Leopard brought stuff back to normal. Internet - Yippee - There's some funky-arsed file in Leopard that's 99.999 percent on the money, but when it flakes, it flakes.

Or, the DNS cache file just decides to not clear/re-cache on new input, whatever - No clue - Couldn't fix whatever it was without blowng away the OS, however, and that's the only time I've ever had a problem on any computer since Tiger (and with Tiger, the only problem was an ugly forced hard-reboot on account of a 'wake from sleep' problem if BT wasn't turned off on laptops, but got fixed with 10.4.11 IIRC - Other than that, Mac has been sweet 24/7/365. That's the only reason I like these overpriced POSes - They're worth it smile

Fine! Ethel/Kate/Starmillway