It started by my reading a rumor site and as a result of that, downloaded free virus software, Sophos. I immediately started a scan of my iMac. Looks like it ought to be finished by the 4th of July, . . . maybe. smile

Same rumor site noted an article in MacWorld "Eight amazing Image Capture tricks. Hm. . . this is interesting. Making a contact sheet [pdf] of over a hundred pictures on my iPhone. That will be finished by Labor Day! [j/k, I screwed it up and doubled the files to a couple hundred or more. Instead of stopping it I decided to wait until "Force Quit" says it is hopelessly locked.] frown

Discovered I had successfully make a good PDF of iPhone files and opened it. It is sluggishly opening files. After playing with it, decided this is a good/useful feature. It is only 630.7 mb. The thumb nails are large [I probably controlled that somehow] and using magnifying tool, you can really enlarge it to see lots and lots of detail.

Pushing my iMac to the nth degree. Not too hot. I could turn on EyeTV had cook up a batch of barbecued ribs, perhaps.

Just quit that other PDF. Don't need it anyway. Guess I'll read the rest of the forum now. I do love playing with my Mac.


Important: I can't post pictures from my Apple Storage space. Last night [the first time I had the problem occur] I couldn't see Carp's pic of cat from same place. I get the message, "Forbidden: Access denied by access control list.

I've searched many, many Google results. They're suggesting maybe Malware and sometimes something about security set at accessing my ISP and I'm just confused.