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IMHO there was so much wrong with that clip that it's hard to know where to start.
Agreed that there is a lot of what i would call 'simplification by omission' on that "5 minute semester" on the Middle East problem —as if the Israel/Palestine conflict were the only problem there—.

I followed your link to the Google article and was attracted by the section Controversy involving Keith Ellison where it tells that Prager "opposed Congressman Keith Ellison, a Muslim, of taking the oath of office in a photo-op reenactment of the actual oath, with the Islamic Quran. Prager stated that America was 'imperiled' by Ellison taking the oath on the Quran in substitution of the Bible", since the Bible was, according to Prager: "the moral basis of American civilization".

Which brings me to my post and Avnery's article which are about the project by the Israeli parliament —the Knesset— to enact a law that requires from every person —Jewish or non-Jewish— who desires Israeli citizenship to swear allegiance to “The State of Israel, the Nation-State of the Jewish people”.

If we imagine that new citizens of the US had to swear allegiance to "The Constitution of the United States, the Nation-State of the Christian people" it would seem —to say the least—, strange, apart from contradictory since the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion not a Nation-State for the Christians.

Avnery —to point out the clumsiness of the Israeli idea— suggests that if the US were to enact a law like the one Israel proposes to enact, (substituting "of the Jewish people" with for example "of the Christian people") the new law could even be understood as if it proposed that the US would be the nation-state of all Christians in the world (or in the galaxy, for that matter!).

Avnery uses the example to show the undemocratic space that could open up in Israel in enacting such law, since not all Israelis are Jewish.

This is why i welcome here and in a previous post padmavyuha's sidenote: "not everyone who is Israeli is Jewish."…

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