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As a sidenote: not everyone who is Israeli is Jewish.
I believe that your sidenote is very necessary since, apparently, many people —including many in Israel— have difficulty to understand the fact and its consequences.

Mostly for them i offer these two links:

•1 Here's a quote from a recent article by the Israeli peace platform "Gush Shalom" leader Uri Avnery:

"But the Knesset is about to enact a law that demands from every non-Jew who desires Israeli citizenship to swear allegiance to “The State of Israel, the Nation-State of the Jewish people”. It seems that our benighted law-makers do not see anything questionable about this."[emphasis by katlpablo]
From The State of Bla-Bla-Bla 16/10/10

•2 The "Aims of Gush Shalom" (the Peace plan)

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