Hello. I attempted to register today. 11/7/2010

Used the shorter registration form located at http://www.macnews.com/register. With that registration, I could log into the MacTech.com and MacNews.com sites, but not the forums.

I landed at that particular registration form by following the "log in" link at the top of the forums and then following the link in the sentence "Enter your Username and Password to log in. If you have not yet registered, you can register here."

After failing to log into the forums and getting the unknown username/password message, I investigated the usual suspects - logged out of mac sites, waited a few minutes to allow for info to replicate across servers, tried using my email address instead of username, cleared cookies (ok, used a virgin browser, same thing), and reset password. No Joy.

Wrote an email to forums@AppleCentral.com detailing what specific steps I had taken in an attempt to provide them some more troubleshooting info and leads on how to recreate the problem and saved it as a draft.

Before sending the email, I decided to use the other form (http://www.mactech.com/register) that results from following the "Register User" link in the navigation menu at the top of the forum page and try a different username/email.

Using that form was successful and now I'm stuck with " test' in my username and I haz a sad. wink

I suspect, Neil, that you can recreate the problem by using the form at http://www.macnews.com/register. Although that is, of course, only a guess based on my limited information.

If it's possible to get the username without " test" and use my gmail address instead of this one, that would be great, otherwise I'll keep this one and y'all can just use me as a crash test dummy or something. smile

I hope someone has gifted Neil a hatrack or something, he sure seems to wear a lot of different hats!

Edited to add: was able to change my email address to my preferred address in the "My Stuff" control panel. (sorry vBulletin user here still learning UBB terminology) noticed that I could change my displayed user handle there, but wasn't sure what sort of problems that might cause so I did not take advantage of that option.

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