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Think Linux will run ok on a Bondi blue iMac 333mhz, 288MB ram, 6GB HD, OSX 10.3.9, CD-Rom tray drive?
Most recent Linux versions will run on any PPC, from the 7100 on up. Getting it on there may be the trick.

I think with your machine the link to the debian installer above will install straight from the CD. Yours is considered a New World PPC. Burn the ISO with Disk Utility, but don't open the ISO and mount it, it may corrupt it. Just drag the ISO to DU on the left, highlight it and burn. You'll need to use the CD installer since the iMac won't do DVD.

There is the small CD I linked to above, you download only one 200M file. It boots from the one small CD and then downloads the rest of the parts over the internet. I think I'm going to download the whole DVD installer though as there are different kinds of installs, web server, print server, etc. I'd like to try different ones to see what the difference is and having it local on disc would be a much faster install than over the internet probably. It takes close to 3 hours on the G4.

In your case, those tray loading drives can be flaky so doing the web install may make it easier on the drive though as it is an 8 CD install.

The G4 that I installed it on above is picky as to the video card. The stock card only does 800x600 from a stock install, the driver has to be modified to go higher. I saw some stuff on the debian forums but haven't tried it yet.

I tried a couple of newer video cards to see if it was the older card but then it just booted to console saying "debian couldn't start xserver." That too can be fixed with a driver mod. I tried but it is pretty involved. When I have the time maybe, I'll probably stick with the stock card, it's a 16M ATI so it should be fine, I just want to get the resolution higher.

So to answer your question, yes. grin