Seems easier for me now. There are notations in red in the main index telling me there are new posts. I click and then the red red numbers again tell me where to find them. When I click on a thread, it then proceeds to take me directly to the new post.<br><br>Stan suggested some (maybe me) might have cookie problems. Well, it appears mine are fixed and I am a happy camper.<br><br>Good to see the forum filling up. Welcome to all the folks who have registered. I know I have posted a lot of what seem nonsense, but my main purpose in the beginning when there were less than 10 folks hanging here, was to make traffic and work out kinks in the mechanics of the cafe.<br><br>As new Macintosh forums are initiated, the chit chat and off topic discussion will take a back seat (and my name won't seem like it is like manure in the pasture (ALL OVER THE PLACE!)<br><br>Glad to see traffic picking up and good Mac stuff growing.<br><br>* * * * * * * * ** * * *<br>Kate<br>